That dog (or cat) on the couch!

Once we had a little dog… She was wonderful, sweet, and very obedient about almost everything. The one exception was staying off the furniture. No matter how many times we scolded her about it, we’d leave the room and come back to find her lying on the couch or chair. She would look at us with guilt written all over her face, and slink down off the couch and try to go hide somewhere. It was really kind of cute, except that the furniture would wind up smelling like a dog, and she was not the best smelling dog ever. In addition, she scratched and chewed on herself much more than most, so our furniture really took on a look and smell that was, politely stated, not so nice.

I wish we had known about CitruSolution back then. I have cleaned many chairs and sofas since then, and restored them from gross to fabulous. Some looked like pretty hopeless cases to their owners, but they cleaned up amazingly well with the power of CitruSolution. Check out these photos!  (Stains not caused by a dog in this case, but you still get the idea.)


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