10 reasons to avoid steam cleaning

Many people think of steam cleaning when they consider cleaning their carpets. It’s not always the best choice…and, in fact, there are lots of reasons that CitruSolution is better.  So, here are 10 reasons to avoid steam cleaning. (By the way, it’s not steam – it’s hot soapy water!)

  1. It gets dirty again quick.  Reason: The soapy water solution is formulated to make dirt stick to it, and that’s just what it does.  That means dirt on your shoes, pets feet, etc. will stick to the carpet after it’s dried.
  2. They don’t rinse the soap out. “Steam cleaning” companies almost never go back over what they have cleaned – it’s just sprayed in the soapy water and sucked back out.  They can’t afford to do that and keep their cut-rate prices. Think how your hair would look if you shampooed it but didn’t rinse – yuck!
  3. Hundreds of gallons of hot soapy water go in, about 95% of it comes out. The pad and the floor below the carpet are often thoroughly soaked and can take days to dry. This warm, wet space below your carpet is primed to become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  4. Water pollution!  At the end of every day, “steam cleaning” companies have created hundreds of gallons of filthy, soap infused water that has to be disposed of somewhere – at best, in the community sewage treatment system. This adds up quick, and it’s totally unnecessary. Your tax dollars go to clean up the mess they create  – as much as it can be!
  5. Air pollution!  Many “steam cleaning” companies use large, truck-mounted machines that run off of the vehicle’s engine, which must be kept running and blowing exhaust out into the atmosphere.
  6. Dragging big, dirty hoses all through your house. Those guys don’t have time to wash off those hoses between jobs, and often don’t wash them off but once a week, if that. They often get dragged across your baseboards, the corners of walls, bottoms of furniture, and leave dirt and sometimes cause damage to paint, drywall and furniture.
  7. That funky smell. Remember that thing about mold and mildew growth?  Along with that, all the nasty dirt and soap that gets left behind in the carpet gets to smelling like wet laundry that is left lying around.
  8. Long drying times – and you have to stay off of the carpet until they dry, which is sometimes for days.
  9. Stains that reappear after a few days – happens all the time.
  10. Avoid needing to have it done over in a few weeks or months.  Do it right the first time with CitruSolution: cleans better, dries faster, stays cleaner longer and smells great!

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